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Staff Recruitment for Post Writers!!!! [UPDATED]

Hello :)

I’m the manager of 2AM fanclub. Currently, I am quite busy and thus, I am unable to be active so often.

And I’ve recruited 1 Post Writer already.. *claps claps*

So I am currently looking for 1 more Post Writer to help me in keeping this fanclub active :)

Fill up this form:

1. Which fanclub are you applying for?:
2. Which role do you apply(Manager or Staff)?:
3. Name:
4. Age:
5. Nationality:
6. Active period during a day:
7. Email:
8. Korea.com ID:
9. Twitter Link:
10. Facebook Link:
11. Your blog address(if any):
12. Proof (how well you can do it):

*  Please, Join the fanclub that you’re applying for before sending your application.

and send private message to the manager(pandapris93) by clicking here as shown below or 2amKOREAdotCOM@gmail.com

You’ll receive a reply from me to confirm and then after that, we’ll make some arrangements! :)


Thanks ^_^