• jiraphan posted an update from b1a4 3 years, 4 months ago

    @sinan thank you for the add , dear :)

    • hi jiraphan. i m new in here :D plz help me :D lol. so how r u ?

    • Hi sorry for the late reply .
      Yes ofc I will help you as best I can , just say what you need help with.
      I’m doing great but i’m been very busy and stressed these days .
      What about you dear ?

      • i m good thx. why u r stressed these days ? is something wrong ?
        actually i need to put my pic in here but i dont how can i do it. so plz help meee :D
        btw, where r u from dear ?

        • I’m just stressed with school , so It’s not like something big though :)
          You know where it says ’'Howdy sinan’’ just drag your mouse up there and then you just drag your mouse to where it says profil and click on where it says ’'Avatar’’ :D
          I’m half thai and half Norwegian . But I live in Norway .
          What about you chingu ?

          • yea i know everytime scholl gives us terribble things and also boring lol :D anyway we should study :D
            thx for your helping dear. i got it.
            i m really happy to hear that. coz i really like Thailand :D swadde krab my friend :d i just know this words ja :D nice to meet u again :D
            I m from Turkey who wants to live in asia country like Korea, Tahailand(Bangkok or Pattaya) and maybe china lol :D