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2AM’s Chag Min, jealous of Seul Ong’s scandal with the Wonder Girls’ So Hee

Recently, 2AM’s Chang Min has showed his jealousy over Seul Ong’s scandal and hope to have one with SNSD’s Sunny.

In the episode of MBC’s Quiz to Change the World that aired on March 17 at 11:00 p.m., Jeok Woo, 2AM, Yang Bae Choo, Nam Chang Hee, Choi Hyun Woo, Fat Cat, and Tae Jin Ah appear in the cast and share their stories.

2AM’s Seul Ong who had been caught up in a scandal with the Wonder Girl’s So Hee confesses, “There’s nothing awkward between us even after the scandal. We’re doing fine.” Then he explains that he tends to observe girls for a while before he actually dates one, but he has known So Hee for too long, since she was very little.

But Chang Min shows an envious look about his scandal and says, “But it was a scandal with So Hee.”

He even hopes for a scandal with Sunny, saying, “I’m a close friend with Sunny, you know.” On hearing this, Seul Ong inspires laughter when he jokes, “As a matter of fact, I saw him overjoyed when he read ‘Sunny Bikini’ on a search engine.”