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2AM’s Jo Kwon explains his Twitter comments

2AM’s Jo Kwon recently talked about a comment he made on his Twitter account.

On January 20, Jo tweeted, “I feel really sorry for Jun Su, whom I have been with for a long time. Please send prayers for him and for his father.”

He added, “Time goes by and lots of difficult things happen. I always learn from everything. I hope you have a happy new year with your parents. Let’s be thankful for the moments we have right now.” But fans of 2PM’s Jun Su’s misunderstood the comment.

On January 22, Jo tweeted, “I realized that my comment brought issues. I checked my comments over and over again. I wrote the comment thinking about people who are precious to me and who have been with me whenever I had difficult times.”

He added, “I was thanking my friends and coworkers who stayed with me for a long time. How can I write those kind of comment to him. We 2AM members supported 2PM members for Jun Su.”

“I stayed with him all night long and tried to comfort him. Since it was the lunar new year holiday, I wanted to say that we need to be thankful for the moments we can spend with our parents for the holidays. I was very surprised when I saw so many harsh comments from people.”