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2AM’s Jo Kwon says, “I had my first kiss on a sitcom series”

2AM’s Jo Kwon said he had his first kiss on a sitcom series.

In the episode of MBC TV’s Happy Day that aired on April 16, 2AM gave an interview before they left the domestic music scene for their overseas activities.

At the interview, Jo was asked about his first kiss. He said, “I actually had my first kiss on a sitcom series.”

The reporter also mentioned about the search keyword related to Jo Kwon, which was “Ant.” It’s because he’s got lots of muscles in his skinny body. At this, Jo got laughs saying, “I still have lots of muscles even though I don’t exercise.” He also said, “When I wear long-sleeved shirts, people think I’m skinny. But everyone gets surprised when I wear T-shirts or sleeveless shirts in summer.”