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A picture of three cute brothers: Nickhun, Jo Kwon, and Woo Young is revealed: “You are my angels”

A picture capturing Nickhun and Jang Woo Young of 2PM and Jo Kwon of 2AM has been revealed.

On August 23, Nickhun tweeted, “You are my angels, I’ll try harder” with a picture that he took with Jo Kwon and Jang Woo Young.

In the picture, Jang Woo Young and Nickhun are standing on each side of Jo Kwon, lifting him in the air. The three are smiling brightly, and Nickhun and Jang Woo Young are making a heart shape for the fans.

In response to Nickhun’s tweet, Jo Kwon replied, “No, I’ll try harder,” and Nickhun said, “No, just one is enough.”. To Nickhun’s reply, Jo Kwon said, “Okay, then you go ahead and try harder.” and gave a good laugh.

Netizens commented: “2PM and 2AM’s friendship is heartwarming.” “They seem to be care about each other an awful lot.” “There’s a heart with every tweet. They’re so cute!”

Source: Newsen