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2AM’s Jinwoon to have a solo debut?

2AM’s Jinwoon gained attention by working on his solo project when he appeared in G.NA’s music video for ‘Black & White’

In the music video for G.NA’s new song ‘Black & White,’ he appears as a rocker that plays the electric guitar. But really, he was preparing for his solo in a genre he enjoys in actuality: rock.

Big Hit’s senior representative revealed that, “Jinwoon is personally working on it to produce rock that idols can’t pull off. He is preparing to get as close to the essence of rock as possible.” Jinwoon’s solo project is still in its preparation stages but is said to have formed a band, recruiting the most talented players possible.

In high school, Jinwoon promoted as a member of a rock band and has an affection for the genre that is unlike most people. He debuted as a ballad singer through 2AM but throughout all that, he didn’t lose his interest in rock. He has been steadily practicing the guitar, bass, drums and other instruments as well.

On another note, Jinwoon appeared in the music video for her new song ‘Black & White’ in the concept of affectionate lovers, in which he gave her a back-hug in the falling snow as well as other events. This title song ‘Black & White’ shows off her singing ability while showing a matching love story between the two people, raising anticipation. G.NA will reveal her full-length album online on the coming 18th . On the coming 20th, she will take the stage via Mnet’s ‘Mcountdown.’

[Daily News Star Today Reporter Lee Hyunwoo nobodyin@mk.co.kr]