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Yahoo! Indonesia Interview, 2AM

The presence of 2AM in Jakarta for the second time seemed to pay the disappointment of the IAMs (their group of fans) who were not able to meet directly with their idols the first time. Although not in their complete format without the arrival of the youngest Jinwoon, 2AM arguably are the stars of the most eagerly awaited Jakarta FantastiKpop Festival.

Yahoo! Indonesia had the opportunity to chat briefly with 2AM the day before the concert.

Yahoo! Indonesia: What is the difference between 2AM and 2PM?

Kwon: 2AM debuted earlier than 2PM. As the name implies, at 2AM, people’s feelings are usually more sensitive therefore the music is also much more relaxed (ballad) while 2PM as the name suggests, at 2 in in the afternoon, their music and style is very active and hot. There really isn’t any comparison between 2AM and 2PM. We are brothers. So we are all very close.

Changmin: Between 2PM and 2AM, there is no comparison.

What are the benefits of having a career in music in the format of a group or boyband?

Ong: To participate in a group / boyband we are certainly very lucky because we are loved by many fans but along with it, we have a big responsibility thus we are unable to act recklessly.

As an idol group, 2AM certainly has to think about appearance and image. How do you guys take care of it?

Kwon: In terms of image, we certainly try our best to show it by making and performing good music. Other than that, we often discuss with fans so that we are able to understand their taste. Usually, we do our communication [with fans] via internet or twitter. As for appearance, yes it is very important to maintain our stamina. Therefore we always work out at the gym in the morning.

What do you do in your spare time?

Changmin: What we do in our spare time does not seem much different from most young people. We often go to the cinema to watch movies or work out. We usually go out with friends from the same entertainment management because with them, we often meet and are more familiar with each other.

What is your ideal woman like and what is your dream date?

Ong: If I refer to a Korean actress, my ideal woman would be like Shin Min Ah (main actress of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho). She is beautiful and tall. And if you her see in movies, she appears to be pleasant. I would be very happy if I went out on a date and watch a movie with her.

Kwon: For me, Gong Hyo Jin (actress of the drama Best Love which is now very popular in Korea). She is very pretty and popular. Our date would also be the same. To go watch a movie together.

Changmin: For me, Cho Hyo Jong. I am imagining during Christmas, her and I would be spending our holidays together by walking around the city and visiting various places.

Source: http://id.omg.yahoo.com/blogs/2am-sebagai-…e_susita-7.html
Translated by Juiceh @ Wild2Day.org