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2NE1 Ultra book Song Girls … more popular than the public good!

Popular idol group 2NE1 Cheongdam of Seoul and has appeared on a stage.  5 days at Intel Korea Cheongdam Beyond the third generation of Intel Core processors in the American Museum (Ivy Bridge ) equipped with eight manufacturers introduced the second generation of ultra-North. The highlight of the day, the ultra-North conference in his hand was shown 2NE1.  2NE1 a “Make sum Noise (Make Thumb Noise) ‘project completed through song” Rain Main (Be mine)’ was released.

              2NE1 last May with the Intel ulteurabuk song was produced one month. YG Entertainment’s Teddy was responsible for producing the completed song called 2NE1.Intel Korea visited pages 12 countries worldwide Facebook users 1,097,704 people were involved directly in the production source. ulteurabuk Song Be mine a month for that and with the progress of the project was unveiled. Intel Korea Managing Director jiyongho “already surpassed only 300 YouTube views,” said  opening , said the tteugeopdago.   “The Girls song and made ​​bwatjiman Be mine 15 million people for three weeks received three million people saw “and” Girls 1-year results of a record considering that the period of this image in a faster break through 15 million people, “he was confident. earlier in January last year, Intel Asia model, a popular girl group SNSD select second-generation Intel Core processor (Sandy Bridge) Promotion Music ‘visual Dream (Visual Dream) ‘and has introduced video. 2NE1 members of the North to the ultra Asked sayongcheo mainvocalist Bom “The daily drama with this report,” said “turn off when you turn even fast, “he said. 2NE1 is responsible for public relations in the La Park said it would buy “a lot of video editing is primarily” and “Yesterday the wait time was just stunned, and now spends time with the game or the Internet,” he said. “Thin and light and a small frame is especially good people,” he said. leader CL “The music always comes first and then holding the public appeared to have worked but was a different experience going to make me look like with the fans,” he introduced the  day after the public meeting Be mine In 2NE1′s ultra-North to attendees through a lottery gift had time to. HS Lee, president of Intel Korea, “Make Noise Project thumb musicians, consumers, fans, complete with interactive participation (interactive) mean in terms of marketing that is a can be, “he said. Intel Korea facebook (www.facebook.com / intelkorea ) In addition to source through the making film and photographic appreciation can be.  hangyeongdatkeom Jung sojung12@hankyung.com reporter



source : naver