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[STYLE FILE] All that glitters.. is? – 2NE1 at Yeosu Expo 2012



“Sequins, glamour, sportswear, and more sequins.” – Ashish on his brand

2NE1 certainly did bring out the bling as they performed at the prestigious opening ceremony of Yeosu Expo 2012. All decked out in fully sequined ASHISH Tops coupled with shiny kicks, it was as if 2NE1 was interpreting the importance of the event their own way. It was also befitting that 2NE1 wore a British brand to this international event, signifying the crossing of cultures through fashion.

I must say though, this is one of my favourite looks of Dara thus far. The bright yellows of the sunflower top coupled with the vibrant colours of the Louboutin sneakers brings out her playful personality and that teased ponytail, although overdone most of the time, gives a certain edge and adds a significant degree of  ‘cool’ to the outfit. Love it! After all, what’s a Dara-look without one crazy hairstyle or two?

Bom and CL were certainly in their comfort zone, donning their favourite short shorts, jackets, tights and sneakers respectively coupled with their own shiny sequined tops. I do love Bom’s Ashish top on her (the prints are simply gorgeous), but I’m not sure about that Acne jacket that she’s also previously worn in the Nikon Legend event. This is not quite my favourite jacket on her as its cutting hides her curves and gives her a boxy silhouette.

CL though has been really fond of this particular sleeveless distressed denim vest of hers. She’s been seen literally everywhere with it; Japan, Korea, in the studio, performing, you name it. As usual, she rocks the whole ‘rebel rocker’ look with her unstyled hair (did she cut it or is this simply her natural length without extensions on? Hmms..), studded patent sneakers (couple shoes with Dara!), super short shorts and of course, that pair of tights that god knows where she got from. I can’t identify it for the life of me! And of course, who am I to judge the fashionista… but is it just me that’s thinking CL’s getting a tad too predictable and repetitive with her fashion choices lately? I miss those days where CL would come out with something that completely surprises us and wows us, such as the first few times she wore those Wolford tights remember? Give us something fresh CL-roo!

Last but not least, maknae Minzy rounds it up with a camouflage sequined top from Ashish, a black leather jacket and shiny metallic sneakers in the from of y-3 Honja High in Gold. Minzy looks gorgeous with that new hair, although a little bit too girly for this outfit in my opinion. I would prefer more colour in this outfit though as compared to the other girls, Minzy looks a tad too dull for my liking due to the less vibrant colours of her sequined top, but those amazing sneakers really do steal the spotlight. Ooh shiny!

2NE1 though, gets the A++ in my book(although that might just be my bias speaking.. but shh!) for pulling off Ashish’s playful sequined designs with aplomb. Although they weren’t decked out in evening dresses, sky high heels, precious jewels and glittering gold (or at least something more formal) for the prestigious event as many thought they should have, this was 2NE1 interpreting the ‘dress code’ in their own way.

They were dressed to the nines, 2NE1 style that is.


Article & graphics by nyldeabcd@YGLadies.com