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2NE1 perform in Vietnam

2NE1 successfully finished their concert in Hanoi, Vietnam, and showed their confidence in performing in other Asian countries.

2NE1 performed successfully attracting about 3500 audiences to their “Going Together Concert in Vietnam,” which took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, from November 18 to 20.

The Vietnamese fans who attended this concert enthusiastically welcomed 2NE1 for their first concert in Vietnam, cheering with sticks they made and placards that read: “I Love 2NE1,” “I Love YG.”

As 2NE1 started the concert with “Fire,” all audiences stood up and started singing and dancing along with 2NE1.

2NE1′s hit songs such as “Go Away” and “Can’t Nobody” were performed for an hour, and the audiences enjoyed the concert passionately as if they were in a club.

Successfully finishing their first concert in Vietnam, 2NE1 said, “I don’t know why we came to Vietnam so late. There are so many enthusiastic fans here. We’d love to come here again.”

The response given to 2NE1 in Vietnam was something no one expected.

From the day 2NE1 entered the country, Vietnamese fans filled Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport, and as they moved to their hotel, they chased them by bikes.

On November 19, at the Going Together Concert in Vietnam, which took place in the international convention center in Hanoi, they were even more enthusiastic.

At a press interview before the concert, about 60 media sources came and showed great interest in 2NE1.

This concert was sponsored by KOTRA and Silkroad C&T, and part of the profits from the concert was donated to a fund for building a Korean school in Hanoi. It also was very meaningful because the winner (in Vietnam) of 2NE1 Cover Dance Contest was invited.

2NE1 is going to appear on Best Hit Song Festival, which will take place in the Kobe World Memorial Hall live on November 24.


Source: TV Report