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Police will pass Investigation of Nichkhun′s Accident to Prosecutors This Week

2PM’s Nichkhun’s DUI accident case will be handed over to prosecutors later this week.

The Seoul Gangnam Police Agency revealed on August 7 it was winding down its investigation of the July 24 DUI accident involving Nichkhun and a motorcyclist.

According to the police’s findings, it will hand over its findings on August 9 to prosecutors and recommend prosecutors press charges without detainment over the incident.

According to the police, footage of the accident obtained from Nichkhun’s vehicle’s black box and security cameras nearby have revealed details of the accident that night, that were reconfirmed through the direct parties involved.

Though Nichkhun and the motorcyclist reached an agreement to settle the case on July 31, the criminal suit is ongoing and prosecutors will review the findings of the investigation and decide whether or not it will formally press charges on Nichkhun.

Nichkhun has, since the accident, formally apologized for the incident and has shared he will remain out of the spotlight for the time being.

Photo credit: Nichkhun’s Twitter

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