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120725 Auto Accident Witness “This Accident, Nichkhun is not Only at Fault”

While Idol Group 2PM’s member Nichkhun was detained for driving while under the influence, a witness at the scene of the accident said, “This car accident was not only Nichkhun’s fault.”

On the 24th at 2:30AM in the Gangnam district of Seoul, at Hakdong intersection by the two-way turn lane, Nichkhun in a Volkswagen and one motorcyclist were involved in a fender bender. At the time, Nichkhun was on his way home after drinking two glasses of beer at a dinner with singers from his agency, who had gathered to practice for an upcoming concert. At the time of the accident, Nichkhun’s BAC was measured at 0.056% and his driver’s license was suspended.

Eyewitness A(39), who was present at the scene of the accident, spoke with HeraldBiz on the 25th about what happened at the time in specific detail.

The witness first explained the situation prior to the accident saying, “Nichkhun’s car and the motorcycle, in the alleyway of the AnSae Hospital intersection in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, had been facing each other in the direction of a cross,” and, “the motorcycle was going down the path while Nichkhun’s car was going up. As the motorcycle spun from left to right, it hit the right bumper of Nichkhun’s car.”


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From the first collision, Nichkhun’s vehicle attained scratches and other damage. Afterward, the witness explained the situation following the first collision, stating it was by his own judgment, but “due to the second impact, the motorcyclist’s body twisted and appeared to collide against the right wheel.” For that reason, the damage on Nichkhun’s car was not the result of the motorcyclist’s body colliding with the car.

Regarding the two drivers’ collision, A had to say, “When viewing the situation, one concludes that there was reckless driving on both sides,” and continued, “that day, the accident was not 100% only Nichkhun’s fault. Both drivers were driving fast and even if an emergency stop was pulled, it was not a situation in which a collision could have been avoided,” he said. With respect to the incident “Nichkhun’s image seems to have received a big blow. I hope that he does not sustain too much damage,” said A, who was at the scene of the accident.

Coinciding with the witness’ account, the Gangnam Police who are investigating the case concluded that Nichkhun’s DUI was not linked to the cause of the accident. The police have not yet received a statement from the motorcyclist about the accident. Police officials plan to proceed with the on-site investigation after they receive a written statement from the motorcyclist.


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Right after the accident, to resolve the situation, 119 emergency and 112 dispatched, and according to A, Nichkhun was “so sorry and shocked that his face had turned white. Because the motorcyclist was collapsed on the ground, [Nichkhun] himself appeared to be overwhelmed with shock,” and saying this denied all reports about Nichkhun and the motorcyclist arguing following the accident.

The motorcyclist and witness A were taken away on 119 ambulance to Seoul Kunkook University Hospital, where the motorcyclist’s torn ear cartilage was treated before CT scans and XRays were taken. At the time of the accident, the driver was “bleeding profusely and was experiencing waist and shoulder pain,” explained A.

Currently, the motorcyclist has been admitted to Jayang-dong Hyemin Hospital. The motorcyclist is, “unable to move his body at this time due to slight damage to the first lumbar spine bone and a shoulder fracture,” and this is his current state.

Regarding Nichkhun’s accident, JYP Entertainment released an official statement: “Most definitely the individual and the company as well apologize for this unintentional wrongdoing. If further investigation is needed, we will cooperate fully in good faith.” They have remained in close contact with motorcyclist and have conveyed that they will make “their best efforts to prevent inconvenience by providing the best possible treatment.”


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