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2PM, all members take the rank for the domestic CF hit-model!

2PM placed on the 1st rank in domestic CF hit model, 6 members take it all in within the Top 10.

2PM has it all for the domestic CF hit model ranking

2PM, all members take the rank for the domestic CF hit-model


-      The biggest domestic advertisement portal TVCF model hit ranking has 2PM as a 1st rank, and all members are within the Top 10.

-      1st -2PM, 2nd-Nichkhun, 3rd-Taecyeon, 5th-Wooyoung, 6th-Junho, 7th-Chansung, 9th-Junsu

-      The most beloved hit maker advertising model chart in Korea is filled with 2PM.

-      The love call from the domestic/abroad CF industry continues as 2PM has the unique color of characteristics.

2PM has filled the hit-model ranking chart of the biggest advertisement portal site within Korea.

Recently, in the model chart among the TVCF’s ranking charts, TVCF being the advertisement portal site, 2PM has taken the 1st place, Nichkhun 2nd, Taecyeon 3rd, Wooyoung 5th, Junho 6th, Chansung 7th, Junsu 9th place. Like these, all members have been placed in the chart, and the group has literally filled the chart’s Top 10.

In continuance of taking last December’s model chart, – Nichkhun on the 1st, 2PM on the 2nd, Taecyeon on the 10th – this proves that 2PM has been the most beloved model from the advertisement companies and general consumers.

The model ranking of TVCF, the advertisement portal site, is determined by the total ranking list that collects all advertisements on air for the last 12 months and services 3 categories of list such as number of advertisements, average scores, and the hit rankings.

Among these, 2PM has taken the chart within the hit rankings as an advertisement model as follows: 1st-2PM, 2nd-Nichkhun, 3rd-Taecyeon, 5th-Wooyoung, 6th-Junho, 7th-Chansung, 9th-Junsu. Also for the average scoring 2PM has taken the 3rd, Taecyeon 5th, Nichkhun 6th, and proved their power and the excellence as the most beloved advertisement model in Korea.

Meanwhile, 2PM is preparing the ‘Budokan 6 Days’ concert at the end of May scaling 90,000 audiences.


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