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2PM appeared in a Japanese drama that first broadcasted in Korea

Group 2PM appeared in a surprise series has landing on the home theater.

Drama series multicast channel DRAMAcube, aired every Friday from May 11 in Japan to be broadcast.

‘Boss’ aired in Japan last year, who had the best record viewership with idol group 2PM as a series of six new special in the club. When this Drama appeared in Korea, it became a hot topic to the fans.

An extraordinary sense of Amami Yuki as Osawa Eriko, the mind of the killer. He played as Captain that rolled unfolds. The movie “Between Calm and Passion” from just as many female fans are struggling in the field Eriko dakenowoochi Yutaka strong backer of the film emergedf rom the station to wear nodate Another attraction is expected to exploit the yeosim.

Meanwhile, a bizarre murder, terrorism, kidnapping, etc. is the reason that the viewers made surprise by those events and cleverly nests in the psychology of criminal profiling. Where you can enjoy the excitement of the investigation ’Boss’.

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