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2PM expresses disappointment about Nichkuhn absence at JYP Nation

2PM expressed their feelings about member Nichkhun‘s absence at the ‘JYP Nation‘ concert held at Seoul’s Olympic Park on the 4th.

The group stated on stage, “All six of us were supposed to be on stage together, and we’re disappointed it couldn’t be that way.”

Wooyoung then stated to fans, “But thank you so much for cheering us on without change despite that. I think the way to repay you all is to put on better performances. We’ll work hard.”

JYP Entertainment told OSEN the same day, “Nichkhun did not come to the concert today. He’ll be quietly [staying to himself] for a while.”

In related news, the ‘JYP Nation’ tour will be moving onto Japan on August 18-19.

Source: Osen