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2PM Junsu, announces the new solo song ‘Love…Goodbye’

2PM Junsu, announces the new solo song ‘Love…Goodbye’


- tvN ‘I love Lee Taly’ OST Part.2 Jun.K (Junsu)’s ‘Love…Goodbye’ to be released at midnight on Tuesday, the 12th.

- A theme song for Kim, Gi-Beom who plays the male lead ‘Keum, Eun-Dong’

- Concentration for the song goes up with the emotional ballads that goes with the orchestra and the classic guitar play.

- Everyone sent their admiration for the sensational vocal skills of Junsu, the main vocal of 2PM.

- 2PM Junsu after SunnyHill, the issue’s growing with the idol singers’ support.



2PM Junsu releases his new solo song in continuance of his song ‘Alive’.


The song Junsu, of 2PM, releases in his name Jun.K is the solo song for tVN Mon-Tues. Drama ‘I love Lee Taly’ OST Part.2 ‘Love…Goodbye’. This song will be available at midnight on Tuesday the 12th. Prior to release the teaser clip for the song was shown that contains the scene of Junsu recording the song, and it has been quite an issue.


2PM Junsu’s ‘Love…Goodbye’, tvN’s new Mon-Tues Drama ‘I love Lee Taly’ OST Part.2, is an emotional ballads song where Junsu’s charm is shown; a charm that is different from when he is the member of 2PM. The song tells a story of a broken-hearted man’s feeling who had to send his loved one away. This song with impressive lyrics emphasizes Junsu’s indifferent but powerful vocal skills.


This song ‘Love…Goodbye’ is the work made by mAd sOuL cHiLd and Geun-Chul Park in the name of Night & Day, who composed and wrote lyrics for the OST Part.1, SunnyHill’s ‘Do It’ that came out 2 weeks prior. The charm is added up for this song with abundant orchestration and classic guitar play. The song that seems to deliver the heart breaking love for the lead actors, has been decided as a theme song for Super Junior’s “Kim Gi-Beom” who plays the act of male lead ‘Keum, Eun-Dong’.


All the more, it is said that not only the recording went smoothly, but also the admiration from the staffs came out as Junsu has expressed his wonderful vocal skills, as a main vocal of 2PM, at the scene of the recording for ‘Love…Goodbye’. Junsu has said: “I was happy to come back with a solo song to the fans. As the Drama is gaining a good reputation, I hope everyone would love this OST ‘Love…Goodbye’ as well.”


On the other hand, the tvN new Mon-Tues. Drama (Screenplay Kim Do Hyuk, Play written by Moon Ji Young, Produced by Movierak) contains the fairy tale-like love story of the boy who grew up from 14 to 25-year-old pure hearted man Keum, Eun-Dong (Kim, Gi-Beom) and the ice queen heirless to the millionaire (Park, Ye-Jin) as a 16 episodes fantasy romance comedy. Gathering sensational issue each time, it is on-air every Monday and Tuesday at 11PM.


‘Love…Goodbye’, tvN Mon-Tues. Drama ‘I love Lee Taly’ OST Part.2, sung by 2PM Junsu after SunnyHill’s ‘Do It’ will be available through music sites at midnight on Tuesday after the 3rd episode is finished.


cr. JYP

source : http://www.facebook.com/notes/jyp/2pm-junsu-announces-the-new-solo-song-lovegoodbye/371363139585917