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2PM’s Fanpage is Looking For Staff!

Hi, everyone! :) I’m Nanda, 2PM’s fanpage manager. I’m posting this to announce the staff searching! :D

Our page needs more staff to do some managing here and there. These are the spot that’s waiting to be filled; along with the job description and qualifications needed.

  1. Designer Staff
    Designer staff is the person who do the designing of the page’s background and header’s image. Of course it will be a plus-point if you’re capable in operating designing system. You can send me your CV, and don’t forget to attach your design’s sample (it can be background, header, or both)! :D
  2. Post Editor
    Post editor will have the full rights to edit the posts that came in from all the members. He/she will manage the article so it will all be always organized and re-posting will be minimized. For this position, a good writing (and some grammar) ability is needed. You can attach an example of your article on your CV :D
  3. Post Writer
    Post writer will provide a good and read-worthy article for the page. It will be better if he/she can post at least one article each day. Post writer (almost similar to post editor) require a good writing skill. Attach one of your article on your CV for the judging :D
  4. Live Reporter
    This position will be available for each country you guys currently live in. Live reporter will provide the page with the news of 2PM that come from their country (concert, fan meeting, etc.) or even a live report from an event! :D To be a live reporter, you guys have to be available (the “job” didn’t disturb your personal life) and up-to-date for the occasion.

To be a staff, you have to join this fanpage first. Then you can send your CV to engc@korea.com (detail is here) and they will forward it to me. After I received your CV, I will contact you to tell the result. :)

So let’s go, Hottest! Impress me! :D

(If there’s anything you want to ask, you can mention me or send me a private message :) )