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D-2 Jang Woo Young, Music Video teaser has ‘fatal charm’


Jang Woo Young, D-2 Music Video teaser release ‘bold+thrilling’

D-2 Jang Woo Young, Music Video teaser has ‘fatal charm’


-      Released Music Video teaser clip ahead of his online album release on 8th.

-      The thrilling charm of 23-year-old Jang Woo Young is emphasized

-      Sophisticated and stylish dandy guy Jang Woo Young

-      Bold choreography shows fatal attraction



D-2, Dandy guy Jang Woo Young is coming!


2 days ahead of his album release, solo artist Jang Woo Young has released his music video teaser clip. With his dandy attraction he is out capturing female hearts.


Through jangwooyoung.jype.com, JYP Entertainment has released the music video teaser clip for the title song Sexy Lady at midnight on July 6th. With this, the expectation level for the album release in 2days has risen.


The released music video teaser clip starts with Jang Woo Young standing under the light. Being reflected in a luxurious car Jang Woo Young gives out his performance on a stage at a club later on, dragging every attention to his well-built sexy body.


The simple, but detailed, suit emphasizes Jang Woo Young’s charm, and the point given for hair color and the accessories gives life to his sophistication and sexiness. Especially with his flaming and provoking gaze, not only it shows the strong confidence but also, it is said that the expectation for his first stage is rising due to his overall stylish performance.


Jang Woo Young’s album ’23, Male, Single’ is to be released on July 8th.
Meanwhile, he is also facing his showcase on July 9th.

cr. JYP entertainment

source. D-2 Jang Woo Young, Music Video teaser has ‘fatal charm’