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‘Funnier than Gag Concert’ 2PM Fan meeting ‘Hepeun Dal(Wasteful Moon)’ was a big laugh

 Source: sportsseoul

“Oh my, why is 2PM so funny” “Funnier than ‘Gag Concert’, my stomach hurts from laughing”

2PM prepared their fan meeting a bit differently. Each member delivered their active energy for their ‘HOTTEST’ fanclub. A ‘SHOW’ only for the Hottests was held for 2.5 hours. It was only possible because they were 2PM.

On 1 April at 4PM, 2PM’s fan meeting for 3rd Hottests, ’2PM’s Hottest Party’, was held at the Kyunghee University Peace Hall in Seoul. Fan meeting on this day was very different to other fan meetings. Each member starred in their own programs on ‘Channel 2PM’ such as talk show, music program, drama and more.

A little after 4PM, a voice announcement “Channel 2PM will start broadcasting” was heard and each member appeared on stage wearing primary colored costume to represent the television color control screen. Fans were already in tears from laughing at the comical appearance of the members even before the main show began.

Soon, members Taecyeon, Wooyoung and Nichkhun appeared on stage with the aerobics instructor Yeom Jeongin whom she appeared together on MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’. They performed ‘Life and Health – Aerobics’ with passion and also showed off their ‘buttocks dance’ to Lady Gaga’s ‘Pokerface’ music.

Yeom Jeongin stated, “I have come here for your eternal lover 2PM’s health.”, “Your(2PM) body belongs to your fans. You must strengthen your health for your epic responsibilities. We will start the fan meeting with 2PM’s strengthened energy” and announced the grand opening.

Members did not hesitate to show off comic actions just for the fans’ laughters. Taecyeon acted as a drunkard on the street sleeping with a newspaper on a news program and Wooyoung transformed into a nagging child.

Nichkhun appeared as an infant care specialist and performed his flawless acting, while Junsu transformed into a girl and showed off his variety skills. Junho introduced World Topic as a woman who impregnated 7-tuplets and Chansung transformed into ‘Reporter Hwang’ who showed off his great body size.

The funniest show of all time was ‘Hepeun Dal(Wasteful Moon)’, which was a parody of MBC’s ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’. Lee Hweon was performed by Junsu and Heo Yeonwoo was done by Wooyoung. They successfully presented both seriousness and comedy.

Junsu flawlessly acted out Kim Soohyun’s famous line “I never ordered you to be afar from me. Do not dare be apart from me. This is a King’s order.” and Wooyoung showed sad emotions with his eyes as Han Ga-In.

All in all, 2PM’s trademark of fun and high energetic characteristics was never to be forgotten. Wooyoung suddenly burst out a sexy wave to abduct Taecyeon (as Yoon Daehyung) in the middle of a torture. Fans burst out into laughter at Chansung’s scary eyes when he played the role of ‘Shamanist Jang’. Crowds from here and there were all saying “Oh my, this is crazy funny” “Why are our oppas so funny” “This is even funnier than ‘Gag Concert’” and acknowledged how impressive the show was.

Members presented even more fun through another comedy show called ‘Animal Kingdom’ and also showed off their talking skills through the talk show ‘Hallo(parody of KBS ‘Hello’). ‘Standard Korean Language Researcher’ Junsu, ‘Fashion Specialist’ Junho, ‘Health Specialist’ Chansung, ‘Dating Specialist’ Nichkhun and ‘Psychology Specialist who studied himself for 10 years’ Wooyoung shared their fans’ concerns with MC Taecyeon. A few fans actually burst into tears from too much laughter thanks to funny conversations between the members.

The last stage was ‘singer’ 2PM’s specialty – a music program. The six members rose on stage in handsome black suits and revealed ‘performances we want to see the most – BEST 5′ as selected by the fans.

Following the soft opening of ‘Like a Movie’, ‘Follow Your Soul’, ‘Hands Up’, ‘Hearbeat’ and ‘I’m You Man’ was performed. Fans called out 2PM’s names with all their heart and sang with them. Energy from more than 4,000 fans and the 6 members created a hot atmosphere

Taecyeon delivered his apologies and thanks to the fans by saying “we prepared a special stage for Hottests as we haven’t been active in Korea for a while” and “so we wanted to create a memorable moment for everyone. Was it fun?”

After singing the Korean version of ‘Hanarete Itemo/Even if we’re apart’ as an encore song, Junsu also commented “This song was released in Japan first but I wanted our Korean fans to hear it again so I made the Korean lyrics” and “we promise we’ll have promotions in Korea this year. We’ll be with you” with confidence.

Two and a half hours went by and 2PM’s fan meeting was over. “We want to play more” said the members while leaving the stage with a sad face and the fans also kept their seats for a long time.

The relationship between ‘knows-how-to-play’ 2PM and ‘knows-how-to-enjoy’ Hottests was ‘golden’. The synergy of this relationship will be even greater when 2PM starts promotions with a new album. The fan meeting was an event that left fans waiting even more for 2PM’s Korean promotions.

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