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J.Y. Park announces he will no longer be reprimanding 2PM

J.Y Park may have given a reason as to why 2PM member Wooyoung was the first of the group to release a solo album.

The July 19th ‘5 Million Dollar Man‘ special of KBS2‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘ featured singer and producer J.Y. Park as well as actress Min Hyo Rin and 2PM’s Nichkhun.

J.Y. Park announced that he would no longer discipline the 2PM members. Now that 2PM is a top idol group, J.Y. Park is determined to approach them as fellow artists, instead of his students.

Nichkhun responded, “We were really upset when he told us that. We feel like we still need his complaints.”

J.Y. Park added, “After I told them that, the 2PM members came to see me individually one after the other, and I was really touched.” The MCs then jokingly asked, “Did you give the members the opportunity to release solo albums based on the order they came to see you?”

Giving it some thought, J.Y. Park then remarked, “Come to think of it, Wooyoung was the first to come see me,” causing the guests to laugh.

Also on the episode, Nichkhun revealed his own methods to receive less reprimand from J.Y. Park.

Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate