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Nichkhun celebrates his 25th birthday with his fellow 2PM members

2PM‘s Nichkhun recently celebrated his 25th birthday with fellow 2PM members.

On June 24th, Nichkhun attached the photo above, in which he’s seen being surrounded by his fellow members, and wrote:

Thank you guys and all the staffs for the birthday cake!! You guys made it memorable! Love you all!! = ]pic.twitter.com/GSOtysGj

The singer then interacted with his followers by personally replying to fans’ individual tweets in celebration of the occasion.

In related news, the members of Nichkhun’s fan site, ‘kobkhunkadotcom‘, collected around $4,300 (5 million KRW) from January to May and donated it to support multicultural children in Korea to celebrate Nickhun’s birthday.

Upon seeing the photo above, fans left comments such as, “Happy birthday! You look so happy“, “Happy birthday, Kunnie!“, and “It’s nice seeing all the 2PM members together.”

Source: Nichkhun’s Twitter