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Wooyoung & Kwon both to release solo singles in June, for “friendly competition

Two brothers, known in the music industry as a group the team’s “ace” in June of each released solo albums, and against one of friendship have to gather to the attention of the music industry is hot.

The hero of 2PM wooyoung and 2AM’s jogwon. According to the latest music representative of multiple side-by-side solo album next month, they are independent, while coming up with a line under the team’s pride was stripped of the competition.


Woo Young’s solo debut from earlier this year credence to the rumors among the fans came constantly devalued. WooY oung middle of last month, especially on his Twitter, “Sooner or later we’ll give you a surprise to the world” music in the studio with the comment that another member of 2PM photos in compliance with the public and attracted more interest among fans and hot. Compliance with 2PM 2PM members on last October became the first solo song ‘Alive’ released, and the ‘stand alone’ in the name of the composer, Jun-K, especially given all the atmospheres Woo Young worked as a solo album or compliance with ref to that unit activity was also speculation circulating.


In compliance with Woo Young 2PM to announce its second solo skills as a solo artist has been able to show off. Is, according to officials at 2PM Woo Young fandom, especially the most powerful onboard normally regarded as a member of the head of JYP  entertainment from the “vocal talents, performance skills and the most outstanding members” likelihood of success of the reputed coming solo atmospheres The industry is expected to high.


Jo Kwon early July 2010 solo has never bought into. At the time MBC ‘We Got Married Season 2′ at the Brown Eyed Girls member Gain appeared with solo and released as a springboard to Gain popularity ‘confessed Day “at the same time the public and climb on top of various music charts, a popular solo artist proved jogwonui is a bar. Jo Kwon solo release since that is only about 23 months. 2AM Jo Kwon earlier in March this year announced by the mini-album title track ‘You like me, “was active and popularity.

89 years old due to Woo Young and Jo Kwon trainee at JYP Entertainment, a long time, and close friendships with life has been demonstrated. In December last year while traveling in Japan with Jo Kwon and Woo Yong enjoying the photos of hot and there was gimmicky disclose on Twitter.


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