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120604 2PM Wooyoung, in July, he will be the first member to release a solo album… Why?

2PM member Wooyoung will release his first solo album in July.

It will be the first member out of 2PM to have a solo debut. 2PM’s main vocal Junsu released a solo song named “Alive” last year during 2PM’s Asia Tour as the first solo single album in October, but Wooyoung is the first to release a solo album and officially do solo activities.

Wooyoung’s first solo album is predicted to be a mini album that will have 5-6 songs, one of which is written by fellow 2PM member Junho. Recently

Wooyoung said, “Jinyoungie hyung said that I will release a solo album because compared to the other members I am lacking a certain something. I am thankful for him to think about me and give me the opportunity first.”***

Park Jinyoung has said that 2PM member Junsu and Junho has exceptional composing and writing ability, and Taecyeon, Chansung, and Nichkhun’s acting and visual image is very competitive. Additionally, JYP Entertainment representative Jung Ok said, “Junho, Junsu, and Yeeun are JYP’s rising trio,” complimenting their composing and writing ability.

2PM Junsu, with the name Jun.K, has released ‘HOT’, ‘Alive’, ‘Don’t Go’, ‘SUNSHINE’, ‘Hanareteitemo’, etc up until now, and Junho has released ‘Give It to Me’, ‘Move On’, and ‘Feast of the Gods’ soundtrack song ‘Sad Love’, etc. Furthermore Wonder Girls member Yeeun released a self-composed song called ‘hello to myself’ for the earlier-aired drama ‘Dream High 2′ and achieved a record of top ranks on music charts.

Meanwhile, 2AM member Jo Kwon is expected to release his solo album in June, causing anticipation for a solo battle between 2PM and 2AM. Jo Kwon released ‘A Day of Confession’ in July 2010, making it 2 years since he released a solo song. Jo Kwon is the only 2AM member to have released a solo album.

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