• canalime posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago

    @kabugsh Look pal, you don’t have to humiliate yourself. I don’t care if I win or not. I didn’t try to hurt their or your feelings. Have you ever heard of the cliche ”the truth hurts”? I’m just telling you what’s on my mind and then there you go. You rant all over twitter and here. Telling me I’m bitch, bitter queen and I can’t accept the fact that I lost in the contest. Please, if you still have dignity on yourself, just stop. I don’t know you and you dont know me, so what’s the fuss all about? Lumalaki gulo, nababasa tuloy ng iba. hahaha magtagalog na lang tayo para di nila naiintindihan :D

    • Don’t you pal pal me because first of all.. we are not pals.. second, I don’t care if everyone can read it because I didn’t do anything wrong. You started this. 3rd.. are you a freaking stalker?? Gosh are you that bored already?? I feel sorry for you. And If you got hurt with the word ”BITCH”, well that’s your fault already.. tingnan mo natamaan ka nanaman ulit.. grabe mo ka guilty girl.. You sound more and more desperate as time passes by.