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2PM’s Jun Ho gives up his sweet holidays for children in Africa

Recently, 2PM’s Jun Ho became a hot issue for exchanging his sweet holidays with a volunteering work in Africa.

On February 15, the international relief development organization World Vision announced that it will begin airing “Global Project-Sharing” with EBS celebrating the year 2012. The first broadcast of this project was shot in Ethiopia, Africa with 2PM’s Jun Ho in January.

“Global Project-Sharing” is different from other celebrity volunteer programs because celebrities share their love with their talents. Participating singers plan to heal poor and destitute children’s hearts with their music.

The first participant was 2PM’s Jun Ho. He gave up his official holidays that he was given in four years since the debut, and visited Ethiopia and met Elephantiasis patients whose feet become like that of an elephant. He became one with them by singing and dancing. Not only that, Jun Ho met the child that he has been supporting for past year and gave him a present and spent meaningful time.

Besides 2PM’s Jun Ho, other indie musicians from Hongik University including Harim, Rooftop Moonlight, and I Love Band visited Zambia in Africa and volunteered to be music teachers. They gave hope to children who suffer from various diseases such as malnutrition and polio. These musicians deeply moved their hearts by writing songs to those children and giving them as presents.

The story of 2PM Jun Ho’s trip to Ethiopia will air on February 27 at 10:45 p.m. on EBS. It will be divided in three parts and the other two parts will air on March 5 and 12 consecutively.