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2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon looks like a well-proportioned walking mannequin

On a variety of online community boards, photos were posted under the title: “Here are photos of Taec Yeon who looks like a walking mannequin.”

In the revealed photos, we can see Taec Yeon attending the grand opening ceremony of a duty-free shop for which he is recently serving as the main advertising model.

At the event, Taec Yeon appeared in a white shirt and a black suit. Thanks to his flawless muscular build and a tall height, he perfectly fits into the suit, looking like a well-proportioned walking male mannequin.

People who saw the photos left responses: “These photos prove the rumor that Taec Yeon actually is a mannequin.” “You are a real star. Your perfect body proves that.” “Your build really makes my heart flutter.”