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2PM’s Jun Ho protects Kim So Eun, “He is well mannered”

2PM’s Jun Ho is getting a lot of attention thanks to his good mannered behavior.

In the April 8 episode of MBC Music’s Music and Lyrics, Jun Ho and Kim went on a camping trip to finish working on their song.

While Jun Ho was driving a car, he brought his car to a sudden stop because of a car in front of them. He protected Kim, who was sitting next to him, by reaching out his arm in front of her body so that she would stay in her seat.

Jun Ho said, “I’m sorry. It’s because of the car in front of us.” Then Kim said, “You tried to protect me like this. You are great and manly.”

People who saw the show responded: “Jun Ho is a well mannered boy.” “If I’m with Kim, I can do that too.” “It’s good to see the handsome body and beautiful girl together.”