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Kim So Eun and 2PM’s Jun Ho go camping

Kim So Eun and 2PM’s Jun Ho, who appear on MBC’s reality program Music and Lyrics, recently went on a romantic camping trip together.

The two stars felt a little awkward at first but as time passed they became closer to each other. They took a train trip and drank raw rice wine together and drew a lot of attention. The fresh bubbly couple went camping and showed off their sweetness.

In the recently released pictures, Kim and Jun Ho are cooking in front of their tent and even feeding each other. They also took time to write some music while sitting face to face. Jun Ho made the crew members envious by staring at Kim, who was writing the lyrics, with lovely eyes. They look like a couple who have just started dating.

An official for the show says, “Even though the weather was pretty cold that day, they took care of each other and it was so pretty that they sat together next to each other beside a bonfire. Since they are working on a song in great harmony, we eagerly anticipate their ‘love song.’”

People responded: “Ah, the two are so sweet that they will melt.” “Please show us your beautify and pretty appearance together.” “You two are so pretty that I hope you guys go out together in real life.” “I can’t wait to listen to the song.”

The last episode of Kim and Jun Ho couple from the show will air on April 7 at 11:00 PM on MBC Music, with a rebroadcast on April 8 at the same time on MBC.