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4minute’s Hyunah responds to Chinese copycat controversy: “It feels good.”


4minute’s Hyunah revealed that she’s actually happy about the plagiarized Chinese version of her hit song, Bubble Pop.

When asked about the plagiarized music video, Hyunah replied, “I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard about it. The fact that they liked my video enough to copy it makes me really happy though. It feels good.”

Hyunah continued, “There was an incident a few months ago when 4minute’s Muzik was also plagiarized in Germany.” She added, “It’s so fascinating that things like this happen. Our CEO, Hong Seung Sung, always tells us that the world is getting smaller, and being an Asian star means becoming a world star nowadays.”

“Incidents like this make me realize that more and more people are looking at our music, videos, and performances. We need to put more effort and care into our promotions in order to show everyone our best side. I’ll do my best to put all I have into every performance.”
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Recently, Beach Baby Yang Jin, a Chinese singer, released a music video for her song “No No No”, which obviously took inspiration from Hyunah’s Bubble Pop, stirring controversy all over the internet.

Other than apparent similarities in the song, the music video was also copied. Both had images of red lips in the beginning. Beach Baby and her dancers also wore white tank tops and blue short shorts while dancing. Both videos even had a vehicle as a backdrop, although a helicopter was used in “No No No”, while Hyunah danced in front of a car in “Bubble Pop”.
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Source: NATE

Reporting + Editing + Translating: applemango @ 4-minute.com