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Dazed & Confused Interview with Gayoon

Today, you firstly suggested doing the shooting with a snake. Did you think the snake would look cool for the concept?
Even if it wasn’t for the concept, since I’ve always liked snakes, I firstly said that I wanted to record the ‘Volume Up’ music video with a snake. The truth is that I wanted to raise one in the dorms but the members said I couldn’t so I didn’t. They also said that I’d have to feed it mice I’d kept in the freezer. Or take care of hamsters and throw them in each time.

Whether it’s the snake or the clothes, it surprised us to see you actively suggest them.
I’m really into clothes since I read a lot of magazines. Furthermore, <Dazed> can somehow do something different compared to other magazines and it is special. Even my acquaintances said that, because it is <Dazed> you can do the photo shoot with a snake (laughter). In the end, today, I expressed my love for snakes to my heart’s content!

Do you like magazines?
The editorials are cool because I get to know which clothes get to be featured. Because I’m not good at using the computer, I’d read magazines rather than use the Internet. When we go abroad for a performance, I buy a lot of foreign magazines; I also take the stylists’ and read them. In particular, the foreign magazines look kind of racy but I think that the fact it is shot in an artistic way is cool.

When you decide the concept for the song, do you give your opinions on the styling, the hair or the make-up?
I suggested the clothes we wore during our ‘Volume Up’ promotion activities. There are these long-sleeved saggy clothes at Balmain, we modified them a little bit and manufactured them. What I suggested became our stage outfits and because the response was good, it was amazing. At the office, they asked me first about how BEAST’s outfits should look.

Have you dreamt of becoming a singer since you were a child?
Yes! And I haven’t changed my dream even once. I became a trainee when I was 14. Even though I have no special talent since there are many people who’ve been preparing for a long time lately, I could withstand because I was sure about my dream.

What is the song that you’ve originally often listened to?
It changes from time to time. Before my debut, I didn’t even listen to pop music. It is because I didn’t watch TV that much. So I didn’t know. Lately, because I watch a lot of what other singers do, I know. Recently, the songs I listen to the most are Cheryl Cole’s ‘Parachute’ and Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Bust Your Window’. I really like the feeling that’s similar to tango that comes out of it.

You’ve become an issue with your airport fashion and you’ve been called the ‘Gangnam Woman’. Do you like to hear such things?
I do. It became a burden since I had to know how to wear clothes well so I got more into it. The truth is that my older brother is a fashion designer. Even though it’s a close industry, people don’t know that we are siblings. Thanks to my older brother, I got even more interested in fashion. Though we didn’t want to lose, and dress fashionably since young, whenever my brother said he bought an item from a certain brand I would say that I bought an item from a better brand. (Laughter)

You’re the youngest so how come you don’t have aegyo?
I wasn’t close with my brother so it may be because of that (laughter). The people I meet for work say its okay but I’m really shy when it comes to strangers.

When you filmed variety programs, you spoke and giggled very well.
The truth is that I hate going on variety programs. When we have to dance all of a sudden. (sigh) I hate the “who do you like, who likes me” thingy (laughter).

Of all the programs, you appeared mainly on new programs such as <Weekly Idol> and <Yoo Seyoon’s Art Video>?
Even if you don’t do what you’re told to, it’s all right. Even if I just say what I want to say, it’s all right (laughter).

If you were given the chance to do something, what do you want to do?
I want to do everything! I want to go solo, I want to do more acting, I want to study in a foreign fashion institute, I talked about it with my brother. He said that what you make yourself and what you see in magazines are different. “You don’t know anything, isn’t that jargon?” And he disregarded it. I think of a lot of things.

When you get holidays, what do you mainly do?
I go shopping a lot. I don’t necessarily buy things. I often go with the stylists but when I want to buy pretty expensive clothes, I think I’d get scolded if I take my card so I go with my mom. Without gossiping. We agreed on this (laughter).

When you go shopping and that people recognize you.
I don’t go to Cheongdam-dong where there are many people. I often enter a big brand store located in the Apgujeong neighborhood and I get recognized in this district, I just pretend I don’t know. There are some advantages such as being able to pick up a few more socks?

Do people talk a lot about your legs?
Because I do hear a lot about my legs, I am reluctant to wear skirts. When they actually see them, they say that they’re so skinny it looks gross, that I’m walking with arms…

Don’t you want to look sexy?
No, I don’t! Because I like fashion, I like the models’ skinniness in magazines. My chest doesn’t fit the model body as well.

After debuting in mid-2009, you carried on promotion activities without almost no rest. Isn’t it difficult or wearisome?
From our debut date until last year, we dedicated ourselves to performing; we couldn’t do something else like doing a photoshoot like today. Since I’ve been doing what I want to starting from this year, I shall say that feel like working (laughter)?

You feel like working… It’s not something you get to hear from a 23 year old idol’s mouth.
The truth is for 2 years we had the same daily routine. We practiced, went on stage, attended events, and went abroad so we practiced again, like this. Now, my color gets a little more exposed and I get to wear a lot of new clothes, it feels much better (laughter).

Source: Dazed & Confused Magazine, @lets_date
Translating + Editing: Meeli & Seungeun Lee @ 4-minute.com
Reporting: kkwonsso. @ 4-minute.com