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Gayoon makes her first appearance on Light and Shadow

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4minute’s Heo Gayoon puts on a postive performance in the drama “Light and Shadow”.

In the drama, Gayoon plays Hyun Kyung, leader of the popular 80′s girl group, “Purple Sisters”. She plays the member who gains attention by performing outstanding choreography and music.

Gayoon plans to display her powerful singing and dancing skills, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, and Hong Jinyoung, who made an appearance on the show before, plan to add interest with another meticulous and charming performance.

Netizens gave their responses, “Another acting idol is born?”, “I’m already anticipating it.”, “I really wonder what image she will show.”, “Gayoon’s powerful singing skills will finally be seen in a drama.”, the anticipation for the show is running high.

Gayoon’s first appearance on “Light and Shadow” will air on May 7th at 9:55pm.

Sources: The Star Chosun & Yoobin @ 4-minute.com
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