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Strict rules on 4minute fans?


In the link below, in summary it read about 4minute being late to a meet and great fan service.

The rules are as followed, No hugging, no touching, no handshakes, and no passing of gifts to the girls.

There was also a contest, which the winners were promised to meet them. They were very displeased that they could not and also the fans were not allowed to give gifts that they worked hard on.

The girls were only on stage for 15 minutes.

If I had the chance to go meet 4minute, I would be devastated if i wasn’t allowed to do any of those things

In other 4nia news, 4minute is releasing Love Tension on Aug 22nd and they are working on “Travel Maker”

What do you 4nias think, too much on the fans. Were the rules good or bad?