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4Minute’s sexy icon Hyun Ah acts charming

On January 16, 4Minute’s So Hyun tweeted photos with the comment: “This is my cute Hyun Ah! You are a real cutie, even though I’m the youngest, not you. Ha! Ha!”

In the photos, So Hyun is taking photos of herself, wearing cute expressions. At the time, Hyun Ah appeared on the shots, acting like a cute, lovely girl.

Hyun Ah is currently overwhelming the audience through titillating, sexy performances on stage, but in her daily life, she acts charming in such a cute manner as this.

People who saw the photos left responses: “4Minute’s members are all cute.” “Hyun Ah’s cute charms make us confused about who is the real youngest?” “When you girls have good relations, I cannot help but smile delightedly.”