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Bullies stole money from a younger Sohyun, she claims

4minute’s Sohyun revealed an incident where she was mugged by bullies when she was an elementary school student.

On the December 19th episode of MBC’s ”Bouquet,” Sohyun stated, “This is an upsetting story, but when I was in elementary school, I was a part of a group called ‘Orange‘. At a subway station, I ran into a couple of rebellious students and they pulled me to a shady corner. They then took away my money and ordered me to dance and sing.

Sohyun then got up and entertained the studio by showing the song and dance she performed for the bullies.

We’re sure it must’ve been traumatizing for her back then, but it’s good to see her laugh about it now. We’ll update with the video once it’s posted!

Source: MyDaily via Nate