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Aion: “From its release to The Calling Of Dionysus!” See the history of change through posters and original pictures

Seoul, Korea — NC Soft’s Aion, the number-one Korean online game since its release in November 2008, has released the “History of Change of Aion” along with the recent release of a visual update with version 2.5, The Calling Of Dionysus.

Aion, since its release, has received reviews saying that it has distinguished itself from other online games with its visuals. The was first revealed at E3 in 2006, receiving the E3 top prize in the graphics section from Stratics, a famous North American game webzine, and reviews saying, “Amazingly beautiful,” and “A game with the best quality in graphics.”

Kim Hyeong Jun, the development section chief of Aion says, “The graphics of Aion were developed in numerous visual styles of different genres. We risked losing a unified graphics style, but this allowed different types of visuals to coexist and also gave the users the freedom of customizing. We will do our best to continue to provide a variety of ever-changing graphics for our users.”

Let’s look at the images of Aion when it was first released and how the graphics have changed with each update.

E3 2006.5

Won the E3 top graphics prize, received good reviews from North American media: Amazingly beautiful. A game with the best quality in graphics.

G Star 2006.11

Aion’s playing version was first revealed at G Star in 2006. The aerial fights utilizing wings drew much attention.

CBT 2007.7

The colors became more splendid and the theme of the illustrations became clearer with the completeness of the story and the world view.

OBT and commercialization 2008.11

The enhanced details and colors were noteworthy and made a record as the longest number-one (based on Gametrics) PC-bang game in Korea for 108 weeks after its release

2.0 Assault On Balaurea 2009.5

With the introduction of a new story, the images became brighter and the colors varied. The game was chosen as one of the candidates for the Best Comeback Prize by MMORPG.COM, a North American game webzine and for Best Art And Animation by Tentohammer.

2.5 The Calling Of Dionysus 2010.2

The first graphics update since the game’s release provided a splendid and refined environment. It upgraded the beautiful graphics by using a variety of detailed expressions for the characters and background images, high chroma, and bright luminosity. With the highest level of customization for an online game, it provided joy for users by allowing the characters to be made smaller, etc.

Bonus Aion North America version

A comic book and North American version of the posters based on the world of Aion by DC Comics.

By Lee Seung Hee (cpdish@betanews.net)
Photo from Betanews DB
Translated by Sung Kyu Chang / Korea.com

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