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Cha Seung Won travels to Shanghai for High Cut

Cha Seung Won, the man who caused women to have romantic frenzy fits whilst playing ‘Dok Go Jin‘ on “The Greatest Love” has now transformed into a fatally charismatic ‘Shanghai Tough Guy‘ for High Cut.

Cha Seung Won recently went to Shanghai, China for this particular photo shoot. The pictorial collection gives off an intense, noir film-like appeal. The photographs, which will be published on July 21st in High Cut, exudes Cha Seung Won’s manliness.

The photo shoot took place in the southwest of Shanghai at a movie filming site, a 1930 building named Tyenjeupang on the road of Nanzingrhou. Using various scenery as backgrounds for the shoot,  the actor’s strong expressions recreate scenes from noir movies of the past. The leather jacket and trench coat also further bring out Seung Won’s macho charisma.

The actor has recently gained massive popularity in China. Cha Seung Won’s every move was adoringly followed by a multitude of fans, who temporarily inhabited the lobby of the hotel where the actor was staying. The 40-degree Celsius (104 ºF) sweat-inducing weather didn’t get in the way of Cha Seung Won working to his fullest potential for the shoot.

Source + Photo(s): Nate + High Cut Korea

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