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Did Young Kwang “confess” his feelings for Jane?


In the episode of KBS 2’s Glory Jane that aired on the 9th, Young Kwang (played by Chun Jung Myung) wonders looking for Jane (played by Park Min Young).

Young Kwang’s mother kicks Jane out of the house, and Young Kwang looks everywhere to find her.

Since Jane only knows Young Kwang and In Woo in the city, Young Kwang heads to In Woo’s (played by Lee Jang Woo) place and eventually finds her there.

In Woo asks Jane closely of her identity and seeing this, Young Kwang tells him with confidence, “She’s my sister,” and takes her with him.

Jane asks Young Kwang if he is okay telling people that she is his sister and is not ashamed of it, and Young Kwang answers, “I’m not shamed at all having you as a sister. You have no idea how much I love you.”

Then, there comes a sudden awkward silence between the two. Young Kwang seems to be surprised by his own words and so does Jane.

After a moment, Young Kwang added, while “I mean I love you as a sister. You also saved my life, right? I like being with you .”

The episode covered the scene in which Young Kwang becomes confused with his own feeling for Jane.


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