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SHINee teach the choreography of “Sherlock”

SHINee are currently attracting attention as a video of them teaching the choreography of “Sherlock” was released.

On March 28, a video under the title of “SHINee’s choreography lession” was uploaded on SM Town’s facebook account. SM Town wrote a comment, “This is the video we really wanted to show you! This is the video that SHINee prepared to thank their fans for loving them! SHINee teach the highlight of the choreography of ‘Sherlock!’ Everyone, please get ready and learn the choreography with SHINee!”

In the video, which is about a minute and 45 seconds long, SHINee’s Jong Hyun says, “How do you like the song? Many people say the song’s great! So we prepared this video to thank you all. Tae Min is going to teach you how.”

Tae Min says, “There’s a highlight in this choreography. You just pick up your feet with your arms folded,” and demonstrate the part of the choreography. SHINee members demonstrate some parts of the choreography to the song and say, “This is it! I hope to see you again!”

People responded: “SHINee members in the lesson video are so cute!” “I want to watch SHINee’s lesson video again,” “I’ll practice the choreography of ‘Sherlock’ with the video!” “Please show us the lesson video again!”

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