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Learn doll makeup secrets from female idols

Modern girl group members have a lot in common with dolls. They both represent the ideal of beauty.

Girl group members attract a lot of attention, thanks to their statuesque, slim figures and their fashion sense. Some actresses even use different makeup styles to make themselves look like living, breathing dolls.

Make eyes twice their size with eyeliner and eyelashes

Doll makeup has an unrealistic quality. For example, a Barbie doll’s eyes practically cover half of her face. To make your eyes look bigger, you should line both the top and bottom of your eyes. You can also draw eye lines longer than your actual eyes to make them look bigger.

miss A’s Suzy ordinarily prefers to wear nude makeup, but she wears thick makeup on stage. When she performs on stage, under the bright lights, she wears long, thick eye makeup. She completely fills her eye lines and draws them longer than her eyes. Then she applies a darker-colored shadow.

If mascara doesn’t satisfy you, you can wear eyelashes to make your eyes look like a dolls’ eyes. If the eyelashes look artificial, you can apply a brown eye shadow along the boarder of your eyes to soften the line and make them look more natural.

Gan Mi Yeon, a former member of the girl group Baby VOX, likes to wear doll makeup. She complements her big, sad eyes with eyelashes. She applies a white eye shadow to the front of her eyes to make her eyes look round and clean.

Pastel eye shadow goes well with blush

Eye shadow and blush are a necessity for a mysterious and dreamlike look.

SNSD’s Taeyeon has milky-white skin and round features. She uses peach-colored blush to complement her younger-looking face. She applies the blush to her face with wide strokes to cover the boarder line. Pastel-toned blushes add a youthful look, without the need for highlights. It makes you look like a shy girl, which is good for making your face look younger.

f(x)’s Krystal is a refined, chic city girl. She wears daring eye makeup to make her strong features soft. She applies a girlish pastel-toned shadow to her eyes and uses eyeliner for her clear cut features. You can apply bright-colored shadow under your eyes to make your eyes look bigger.

Innocent lip tints make you look healthy

Doll makeup emphasizes your eyes, not your lips. Many female idols use lip tints to look more innocent and pure on stage. Korea’s national little sister, IU, uses a red-colored tint inside of her lips to look healthy. Then she uses lip gloss to make her lips look plump.

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