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Mirrorless Cameras, doom for DSLR?

Seoul, Korea – Smaller, lighter mirrorless cameras are shaking up the DSLR market. In time for the vacation season, consumers are discovering mirrorless cameras by word of mouth, increasing sales of cameras that incorporate this innovative technology.

According to a source in the camera sales business, sales of mirrorless cameras have increased 20 to 30 percent over the first quarter. The Olympus Pen and the Samsung NX10 are making stable gains in the market. Sony, the latest to the market, is doing impressively well, drawing a very steep sales curve.

Sony’s NEX series, unveiled in June, has sold in volumes far beyond what was expected, boosting its follower base. Manager Ji Hoon Bae of Sony Korea explained that “we are selling more than five times the number of cameras we sold initially and three times the number that Sony expected.”

The Olympus Pen has been on the market for a year now, and has not seen such dynamic growth. However, its sales have steadily increased. Assistant Manager Yong Seok Lee of Olympus Korea mentioned that “the summer vacation period generally shows a sales increase of about 20 percent in comparison to the average for the rest of the year. Mirrorless cameras are doing great, and so are our waterproof cameras.”

Mirrorless cameras have have gained popularity because of their ability to replicate DSLR photo quality while being much lighter and much smaller. They allow lens swapping, like DSLR cameras, making them versatile in their ability to convey the photographer’s intentions. Recent models with HD-video functions have made them even more versatile.

A Mr. Ha (29) who visited the Yongsan Electronics Market to purchase a camera shared that he “was looking for a camera that I could use not only during my vacation but also afterwards. I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback on mirrorless cameras, on their portability and functionality, so that’s what I’m here to get.”

Experts in the camera industry forecast that the mirrorless camera’s market share will increase steadily, reaching somewhere around 30 percent of DSLR sales during the first half of the year, a growing threat to the current DLSR market.

Source: Betanews (Original article in Korean)
Translated by Abe Jung

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