• j.yuri posted an update from 2pm 3 years, 1 month ago

    to all my friend who want to know my real name, my name is Yuri, Jin Yuri i am from seongnam-do. I student in kyung hee university. should i put my age? my religion? my family? my favorite singer? my favorite actor? my pet?or etc?

    • :) . yuri ! :D . maybe theyre just curious about you. HAHA. :D .

      • I was annoyed by questions like that. it a privacy. if someone want to know about one person just view her/his profile. i don’t like people want to know more, we didn’t even know each other. i hope people stop to ask about personality.. only just know what i am write in my profile, don’t ask more than that. It is very disturbing. Sorry

    • Tell me what u want. :)

    • @j.yurii bet you get annoyed yuri. i too recieved and private message from someone here asking my personal email account and etc. it would be much appreciated to have chitchat here where everyone can read and reply! have a great nite stay cool as always. goodnite