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After School’s Ga Hee grumbles about the team transforming into a nine-member group

After School’s Ga Hee recently grumbled about the team transforming into a nine-member group.

On April 14, the After School leader tweeted, “A nine-member girl group? What is it about? Always letting me down. I’m doing well though.”

After School recently introduced Ga Eun as a new member and announced to become a nine-member girl group. However, Ga Hee seemed to be unaware of this news, which created an issue.

Prior to this, on April 9, After School’s agency stated, “We are happy to introduce After School’s new face Ga Eun as the ninth member and launch the group’s fifth generation. The group’s been developing, adding new members at every new generation since the debut in 2009—UEE for the second generation, Orange Caramel for third generation, and Lee Young for the fourth generation.”

Not so long, Ga Hee explained the confusion and dismissed the possibility of the controversies. “Don’t get it wrong. I know of a new member. Keep sending Ga Eun and After School your love and support. We’re doing our best in preparing a concert.”

Netizens responded: “Can’t wait to see performances by the nine members.” “I was kinda worried at seeing the post. So, there’s no problem, right? Looking forward to fantastic performances by the group.”