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After School’s Nana and Joo Yeon show off their beauty in Japan

After School’s Lee Joo Yeon and Nana went to Japan to attend the “2011 Girls Award Japan” on November 12.

Lee and Nana drew a lot of attention by appearing on the runway as models. Their beautiful legs complemented their charismatic beauty.

Nana was one of the main models for the “Tokyo Girls Collection” in August and made a good impression on the people of Japan. She was also praised by many people by appearing at the “Seoul Collection”, which was conducted by designer Park Yoon Soo.

An official says, “Many Japanese girls envy Lee and Nana. They captivated the audience with their lovely faces and fabulous bodies. They are the only girl group who can compete as both singers and models.”

People responded: “Nana and Lee are both beautiful and have great figures. I think they brightened up the stage.” “Nana is a professional model.” “They were invited to the ‘Girls Award’, because they are so popular.”

After School will return with “Diva” in Japan on November 23.

Source: Xportsnews