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After School’s new member Ga Eun is opened to the public

A new member of After School has been opened to the public.

On April 10, Pledis Entertainment, After School’s agency, reported, “The new member Ga Eun is 17 years old and became the fifth new member as her powerful performance and attractive voice were recognized.”

With Ga Eun, there are now total nine members in After School, including Kahi, Joo Yeon, Nana, UEE, Jung Ah, Raina, Lizzy, and Yiyoung.

Spending her middle school years in Japan, Ga Eun is fluent in Japanese. Including her cute baby face, her height and slim figure fit to the concept of After School.

Ga Eun says, “I was very nervous to become a member of After School at first, but I really want to be an important member in this group.”

A spokesperson for Pledis says, “From the original members to the second member UEE, the third Orange Caramel, and the fourth Yiyoung, After School consists of many talented members. Please look forward to seeing Ga Eun who will play a significant role in the change of After School.”

Ga Eun will debut as a member of After school through the new album scheduled to be released on June 21.