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After Scool’s Ga Hee say, “There were lots of things to learn from the TVXQ concert”

After School’s Ga Hee recently praised TVXQ for their fantastic concert in Japan.

In the wee hours of April 15, Ga Hee tweeted “I’ve went to TVXQ concert at the Tokyo Dome. That was absolutely fantastic. There were lots of things to learn.” TVXQ held a concert on April 14 at the Tokyo Dome.

Ga Hee attended the TVXQ Concert ahead of her schedule on April 27—the first After School Concert. Ga Hee says, “I have a dream. I can’t work without sincerity. I hope to live real. I do my best since there are people who support and approve of me as a singer out there.”

Formerly, on April 14, Ga Hee tweeted, “A nine-member girl group? What are they talking about? Always letting me down. I’m doing well though.” Apparently, this seemed to reveal her disapproval of the team transforming into a nine-member group. However, as the controversies about it are about to be heated, the team leader explained the confusion and dismissed the possibility of the controversies. “Don’t get it wrong. I know of a new member. Keep sending Ga Eun and After School your love and support. We’re doing our best in preparing a concert.”