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Birdie Birdie has many elements that can be sympathized with the audience, “It’s well made.”

Birdie Birdie that broadcasts on Cable Channel tvN, is gaining popularity among audience of all ages, because the drama has many elements that can be sympathized.

Birdie Birdie is not an exciting drama that attracts interest at a glance, but rather is a drama that touches the audience quietly yet so deeply. The series portray the growth and hope that the main character, Seong Mi Soo (Uee), gets after many challenges and failures.

The main theme of the drama is golf. The steadily rising viewer ratings of the drama show that a drama can be as moving and touching as the movie Taking Off.

The shooting took place in Kang Won Do, the beautiful scenery of Korea can be seen.

Moreover, the love of a mother and daughter creates a sensation among the viewers.

Despite forming a bond of sympathy, the time which the drama airs is inconvenient. Birdie Birdie airs at 11:00 p.m, which is hard to draw the audience’s attention.

Nevertheless, Birdie Birdie overcame that obstacle with its high quality drama.

Source: TvDaily