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After School Radiates with Five Musical Charms

After School Members Jung-A, U-ie, Raina, Nana and E-Young were featured in a photo shoot that expresses different genres of music for Elle Girl magazine.
Though After School is known for their sexy and charismatic look they donned Disco, Punk Rock, Brit Pop, Acoustic and Swing fashions for the photo shoots mixed genre music theme. Dispite this being E-Young’s first photo shoot for a magazine she was calm and showed off a high level of class and capability. All the members wore their respective retro hairstyles and trendy clothes in harmony. These funky styles are a new look for After School and shows off a different side to the group.
The interview resulted in all five members showing off their sincerity and passions which charmed both the interviewee and photo shoot staff too. When asked about the chemistry and atmosphere between group members they all agreed everyone got along well with one another. Praise was heaped upon the girls for their friendly personalities and the loving relationships they have with one another.
Uee said, “I would not mind to cover myself on telling that case at all. These people that you’ve met tend to be friendly like at first. This photo shoot will also look weird and I feel pretty good like guys looking passes. Girls are still hard.

Nana mentioned that even though they sometimes have disagreements After School is a friendly girl group with the members being like sisters and although the ‘unnies’ sometimes discipline the younger members “everybody is just so sweet”.
Source: TheStarMediain
Credit for Trans: AfterSchoolDaze + Fan