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Group Name: APINK

Management Company: A Cube Entertainment

Official Homepage: http://apink.a-cube.co.kr/

Members: Son Na Eun, Yun Bo Mi, Park Cho Rong, Jeong Eun Jee, Oh Hah Yeong, Kim Nam Ju, Hong Yu Kyeong


Name: Son Na Eun

Date of Birth: 1994 02 10

Height: 167cm

Weight: 45kg


Name:Yun Bo Mi

Date of Birth: August 13, 1993

Height: 164cm

Weight: 47kg


Name: Park Cho Rong

Date of Birth: March 03, 1991

Height: 163cm

Weight: 47kg


Name: Jeong Eun Jee

Date of Birth: August 18, 1993

Height: 163cm

Weight: 47kg


Name: Oh Hah Yeong

Date of Birth: July 19, 1996

Height: 166cm

Weight: 47kg


Name: Kim Nam Ju

Date of Birth: April 15, 1995

Height: 165cm

Weight: 45kg


Name: Hong Yu Kyeong

Date of Birth: September 22, 1994

Height: 167cm

Weight: 48kg