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✯[NEWS] 120601 A Pink’s First Solo Concert! Don’t You Feel Happy Just Thinking About It? (Interview)

Fairy idol A Pink‘s 1st full album Une Annee has held on and found a place in the hearts of their fan’s.

A Pink‘s first full album Une Annee’s title song ‘Hush’ was produced by rookie producers Rado and Hyuwoo
It tells of the shyness and a girl’s reluctance to confess her feelings.

Specially catered to the girls’ who look forward to a sweet relationship, it is also meant to showcase the vocal charms of each member.

With a stage that has more innocence than chicness to it, it is sufficient to send the hearts of the nation’s male fans fluttering.

Evidence from various sites shows that A Pink is gradually moving towards the top position in the Korean entertainment industry.

Last year in May, A Pink was able to sit up a storm with their unique charms despite performing alongside other girl groups that had the same innocent concept.

Recently, the girls’ celebrated their 1st year anniversary since debut.

Q: What’s special about this 1 year to the A Pink members?

Chorong - “Une Annee means 1 year. It has been 1 year since our debut and I was eager to know about whether we will be releasing an album or not.
Come to think of it, after our debut it seems like time has flown by like the wind.
Up till now, I still feel like a rookie. Many of our juniors have debuted.”

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Eunji - “Personally I have become more responsible on stage.
Especially since we have many juniors who have debuted and seniors who have top quality music,
the thought of doing better became even more important.”

Despite the influx of girl groups,A Pink was able to survive and even managed to achieve a lot in the past 1 year.

A Pink was noticed when they managed to win 6 awards at some of the nation’s biggest Kpop awards ceremony.
For example, ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards, ‘Seoul Music Awards, and ‘Golden Disk Awards’

Yookyung - “1 year ago, our goal was to win an rookie award and gain awareness.
Even though we have only managed to achieve a small part of it, but I am still proud of our achievement.
Recently, we have come up with a new goal. Our new goal is to secure 1st place on a music show.

Hayoung- “Even though it may not be this year, but I really want to try having our own solo concert. Though it may seem far, but we want to meet with all our fans.
I want to experience what it is like to be up close with our fans whilst enjoying the moment on stage.”

Bomi - “If you look closely at the other songs in our album, you will realize that there are many songs that are both fun and interesting to listen to.
Therefore, we are currently preparing to hold a concert one day.
As the cheering of the fans becomes louder, I feel that the chance of holding a concert becomes nearer.”

Through the recent album release, A Pink has tried out a change in concept.
Since debut, they have always sticked to the innocent concept.
But this time round, in addition to the chicness, they showcased a different charm.
They emphasized that they have not given up entirely on the innocence.

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Naeun - “When we started promoting ‘Hush’, many people said that we had turned towards the sexy concept.
We were just trying to exclude out a small bit of the innocence, but it seems like they thought otherwise.
At first, we thought that our change in concept would cause an adverse effect.
Luckily, we were told that the innocence that is uniquely A Pink is still there.”

Namjoo - “Up till now, I’ve been hearing more and more comments like ‘the A Pink that we knew hasn’t changed a bit’.
To be honest, we were worried as to whether our song would match with our concept.
Although it is a secret as to what look we will present in the future, but rest assured that we will maintain a concept that is uniquely A Pink.”

A Pink who was recognized to have the potential to be singers are now progressing towards acting.
Specifically Naeun and Eunji who have been respectively casted for SBS’s historical drama ‘The Great Seer’ and tvN’s sitcom ‘Respond 1997′(tentative title).

Naeun - “I am a little worried since it is a historical drama.
It is a relief that I wouldn’t be using much of the old way of speaking since it is a fusion historical drama.
However, it is the source of my anxiety.
I have been going for acting lessons and I have been listening to a lot of advice from the people around me.
The character that I will be playing is a person with an abundance of cuteness.
In reality, my personality is very much different from the character in the show and I am trying hard to process it.”

Eunji - “This sitcom is very special to me as it is my first time acting.
Luckily, I will be using my accent in this drama and I was relieved to hear that.
Though I have worries about whether I would do well or not, but other than doing my best nothing else matters.”

Just like any other girl of their age sitting together in a group, A Pink had some last words for their current round of promotion.

A Pink -”We are not worried about the harshful comments during these 2 years.
Working hard is our sole priority and nothing else matters.
We do not think about the comments and we will work towards being even better in the future.
Please watch over us.”

Last year, the representative of 90′s group Fin KL and SES’s fairy concept, A Pink entered the music industry.
Let’s look forward to the future of the girls’ who have written a new chapter in the music industry with their unique charms.



Source: HeraldBiz & Taken from A-PINK.NET